Dear past or present Resident of Ocean Falls. My website covering memories from Ocean Falls has been running for quite a few years. I really have not changed the site content very much.

I did create a log sheet where past residents could add their names and the years spent in Ocean Falls. In the Resident entry form, there is a text field for comments. As mentioned, for privacy reasons, the email address of the sender is not revealed to me.

There are not many entries in the Resident log. One of the reasons being, that the Paper Mill and the town did shut down so many years ago. In other words, there are fewer and fewer people around who have worked or lived in Ocean Falls.

I have received some nice comments from past Residents and I have been unable to reply to them due to the privacy issue mentioned above.

I would like to publish some of these comments if people would like to have them published on my site. Similarly, should there be anybody from Ocean Falls who wish to pose a question on my site, or perhaps to look for some friends they used to have in Ocean Falls, I would like to open up my site for such communication.

In the case you wish to make some comments or have some special questions, please write an email and address it to:

In the subject area of your email write: Comments/questions/Ocean Falls

I will make sure your comments will be published.


Soren H. Bach