"Mill site Photographs"

Dam and Pentstocks

Winter picture of Mount Baldy showing the Dam and the two penstocks

View of Mill from the Town site

View of Machine room with the Engineering office to the right. Wood room in the back.

Dam spillage
A day with surplus water spilling over the Dam. Two gates are open.

Heavy spillage-Reserve wood pile to cover wood room shutdowns

Wood Room

The somewhat dilapidated looking wood room during a renovation

Jack Ladder

The "Jack Ladder" hauling wood into the wood room. A truly amazing amount of wood.


Ocean Falls Boom Grounds


Head Rig
The "Head rig", a huge band saw with a traveling carriage. No job for the faint of heart.

Hog Fuel conveyors

Hog Fuel conveyors with the Power plant and smoke stack behind.

Hydro Turbines
The turbine room with Pelton hydro turbines. Some still working today
Mill view from Dam site
Picture taken from the Dam on a nice moonlit evening.

Mill view from Town Site
A paper barge is tied-up at the marine elevator next to the paper warehouses.

New Groundwood turbine casing half
The bottom half of the large hydro turbine which powered a "Great Northern Grinder".

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