Notes from Ocean Fallís People

Name:††††††††††† Soren H. Bach††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Date:††††††††††††† September 12, 2013

Comments:When we lived in Ocean Falls, we were close friends of Doug & Edna Carson and also Ken Smith. If someone from these families sees this note, please drop us a line.


Name:††††††††††† William Lewis††††††††††

Comments:Grew up in Ocean Falls. Worked as a millwright in later years in the entire pulp and paper mill. Still have fond memories. Have lived in Nanaimo since 1956. I visit the Ocean Falls sites often. My wife Elanor passed away April 2011. Hello to all of you who lived in Ocean Falls.


Name:††††††††††† Gord Corbin

Comments:Left Ocean Falls in January 1973 to join the RNC(Navy). I have travelled most of the world and the B.C. coast is the most beautiful in the world, believe it or not. Vietnam is second.