There is not a single person who has ever lived in Ocean Falls, who has not walked across this bridge. The reason is very simple. It was the only road leaving Ocean Falls. When I say leaving, you were not leaving very far, since the grand total distance was at the most one kilometer. This road led to Martin Valley where people owned houses rather than living in company houses or apartments. I must say, that this road sometimes emphasized the isolation of Ocean Falls and the limited access we had to move around. There were times where we hated this road. We had small children who unfortunately, like all small children would wake up around 6 AM in the morning. To do something with the children we would go for a stroller walk early Sunday morning, often in rain. The only way you could get away from town was to walk across the bridge. Early Sunday morning there would never be a soul around and all you could think about was the bed you should have been in. To be fair to the road and the bridge, it was a vey nice road later in the day, particularly in sunshine.