Jenny Bay was a beautiful, rather deep bay which was an excellent bay for anchorage. At the bottom of the bay was a wooden dock. My boat was tied up to the dock when I took this photo. I had slept in the boat overnight and was alone on this trip. I woke up early in the morning because it was cold in the cabin of the boat. When you were in this bay,you could readily be there for a whole day and not see another boat. This particular morning was pristine as is evident in the photo. There was not a drop of wind and not a sound. Jenny Bay was a most excellent spot for fishing rock cod and flounders. Perhaps, many of the fish have now left. However, when we lived in Ocean Falls this bay was so full of fish, that you would usually have a bite within 3 minutes. If trolling for salmon did not work out well, I often went into this little bay to jig for cod or flounders.

We have been in this bay quite a few times but I do not recall ever having seen another boat at the same time. Listening to the ravens or the shrill sound of the eagles certainly caused you to think about the local native indians of the past. They definitely came into this bay by canoes very often since the area surrounding Ocean Falls is still  important First Nations land. It is not difficult for a resident of British Columbia to get out into areas of wilderness. However, Ocean Falls is so remote from any large settlement or town that you really are out in the nature. This feeling of isolation would hit us many times as we sailed through channels and into bays in this wilderness area.