Johnston Terminal at night

The town of Ocean Falls received fresh food only once a week. This was when the ship the "Northland Prince" came in on it's way to Prince Rupert. Thus, fresh milk could not be purchased and everybody drank reconstituted milk prepared by the Hudson's Bay store. However, this milk was quite good and after a week or so of drinking this milk, it tasted as normal, fresh milk. 

In my opinion however, it seemed difficult to get good tasting chicken or pork. For some reasons, the chicken always tasted of fish. We decided, that the store had to be buying the chickens from a producer feeding the chickens rendered fish. Considering that we lived in a town where fish was readily available, it was annoying to eat chicken tasting of fish. The fat on a fresh pork chop usually taste very good. However, the fat on the Ocean Falls pork chops was nearly always off. My wife and I started disliking  pork and chicken in Ocean Falls. After having left the "Falls", it took some time before we started enjoying chicken and pork again.

The real or imagined problems of buying well tasting meat from the local store resulted in people importing frozen meat from Vancouver. This necessitated the purchase of a deep freeze, a piece of equipment not normally required in Ocean Falls. Worse, how to pick up the frozen shipment of meat? As mentioned, the ship came to town only once a week from Vancouver.  Unfortunately, the ship would arrive quite often between 2 AM and 4 AM in the morning. We never knew exactly when the ship would show up. Several times a month, a little crowd of men would show up at the Johnston Terminal at around 2 in the morning. Often, the rain was pouring down and it was pitch dark. The whole town was sleeping. There was only one taxi in Ocean Falls and it certainly did not operate at 2 in the morning. Nobody had cars either. So the men showed up with either strollers or their children's wagons. It was a tough way of starting the day. Many of the wooden roads in town were steep and when arriving home, the stuff had to go in the freezer. You certainly did not enjoy going to work a few hours later. This is a bit of a strange story, but if you lived in Ocean Falls, it is a real story many men will remember.