To the right in the picture is the post office. There was no mail delivery in town and most people had private post boxes inside the post office. There was not much point in checking mail every day since most of the mail arrived once a week with the ship Northland Prince. The Eaton's and Sear's catalogs were most welcome when they arrived since they gave people an opportunity to look and to order merchandise not available in the local Hudson's Bay store. The R.C.M.P attachment was housed in the next building followed by the Royal Canadian Legion building. All the houses and apartments in town were heated by steam which was provided free of charge by the mill. A steam line can be seen running below and parallel to the wooden road. Because the whole town was heated by steam, a person could often hear the sound of steam and condensate traps making noises and blowing off small clouds of steam. There were times when the tide was so high that the steam line in the photo would be submerged in saltwater. This obviously did not help the insulation on the steam line or the heat value of the steam.