The R.C.M.P detachment had a very large land area to supervise. Since there were no roads to adjacent communities they had to cover the territory by boat. The R.C.M.P. boat is shown tied up to the dock. The R.C.M.P could not have had much work to do in the town since crime was just about unheard of. Hardly anybody locked their doors to their houses.Behind the R.C.M.P boat is the Ocean Falls marine shop. This facility equipped with ways was owned by the company. As was the case in so many other areas, the company made this facility available to boaters at no cost. All one had to do was to schedule-in one's boat hauling date and you could have your boat sitting in this facility for several days. Close to the marine shop was the Ocean Falls liquor store. It was one of very few liquor stores on the west coast of B.C. Subsequently, there was a large demand on the liquor in this store from outside areas. Some people would joke and claim, that 75 percent of all float plane traffic in the harbour was due to liquor transport. Certainly, many of the float planes were often loaded to maximum if not above maximum loads. The planes would have such long take-off runs that a person would wonder if they would ever get off the water. The bush pilots would use every trick to get them off the water such as rocking them from side to side or to dump the flaps. The weather and visibility was often so poor that the planes just disappeared in the mist and one could only hope that they eventually lifted off.