A concrete ramp was built in the middle sixties in Martin Valley to permit the amphibious type airplanes to taxi from the water onto the ramp. B.C. Airlines were flying into Ocean Falls with Grumman Mallards and Goose amphibious airplanes. The ramp made it much easier for the pilots to park their airplanes without having to worry about the airplane wings sweeping over docks. They could park their airplanes without needing an attendant as was needed on the dock areas.

Flying to or from Ocean Falls with a B.C. Airlines Grumman Goose or Mallard amphibious aircraft is a memory to cherish for several reasons. It was real authentic old fashioned bush flying in an aircraft with two large, slow running radial engines. They would start up with their usual whining sound from the starter and then nearly disappear in a large cloud of smoke. At low taxiing speed, the aircraft would lean to the port or starboard, riding the waves on one of the wing pontoons. The flights to Ocean Falls could be very beautiful in sunshine and quite worrisome in poor weather. The West Coast of B.C. is often a very challenging place to fly in poor weather. Ocean Falls being famous for it's high rainfall, was often swept in clouds, mist and fog, even on good days. All flying was supposed to be visual flying, also VFR, flying being able to see the ground. Flying on an IFR flight plan was not possible since there was no runway at Ocean Falls and no aeronautical navigation radio facilities. Flying VFR into Ocean Falls would strain the capabilites of the pilots many times. I have been in IFR conditions for periods of time quite a few times and often we would arrive Ocean Falls by skimming low over the water due to a low ceiling. We would fly low enough so that it would be necessary to climb slightly every time a fishing boat would show up in front of the airplane. Turbulence could be severe and many passengers would sit with their sick  bags in their laps. Quite an introduction to Ocean Falls should you be a newcomer to town on your first arrival. 

The airline and commercial boat transportation was a very important part of one's life in Ocean Falls. Nobody having lived there can forget the sound of the numerous take-offs and landings of Cessna 180 and Beaver float planes plus the Goose and Mallard. Attached is a link to a video showing a Grumman Goose take-off from Martin Valley


Here is an amazing video showing Ocean Falls more or less in 2013 from a Beaver float plane landing outside Martin Valley