I am quite sure that the photograph of the engineering office is one of the few photos which can be found of this office. This photo will most likely not be of  value to anybody except to the people who worked in this office. The engineering office in Ocean Falls was an excellent training ground for engineers and designers. Rarely can a pulp and paper mill be found similar to the Ocean Falls mill. From a pulp and paper technology viewpoint, the mill was a groundwood, a sulphate and a sulfite mill. There were a total of 5 paper machines all designed differently and running different paper grades. The variation in engineering work in Ocean Falls was endless. There was the mill itself with it's many different pulp and paper processes. There was the dam, the turbine/generators, the harbour and the whole Townsite.  Enclosed are photos of my friends and colleagues working in this office. It is my  hope that someone from their families might spot them. Today, in they year 2009, these photographs are over 40 years old and sadly some of the people shown have passed away.

Missing from the photos are other engineers who worked in this office  in the sixties such as Bob Lennox, Frank Elkins and Grant Hepburn.