This night picture shows the side of the mill which was facing the harbour. Since there was no road access to Ocean Falls, everything the mill and town needed had to come by either air, ship or barge. A "Vancouver Tug & Barge" barge can be seen tied up to the dock. The mills paper warehouses were placed along the dock area seen in the picture. Ocean Falls is exposed to large tidal variations which can reach as much as 15 ft or more. A large marine elevator was used to unload the barges coming in with materials or goods. The marine elevator would permit loading and unloading of barges disregarding the tide levels since the platform could be stopped at any height.
The paper warehouses were in two levels and paper rolls could be loaded into the barge from both levels. The harbour along the dock area was dredged and kept to a depth permitting deep sea ships to tie up to the dock. For example, during Canada's Centennial Year celebration one of the Navy's frigates was tied-up to the paper dock. The frigate was decorated with lights and mill people were invited on board for viewing and cocktails.