A picture taken from the "Johnston Terminal" dock area towards Martin Valley and the entrance to Ocean Falls. Many people in Ocean Falls owned various types of boats for very good reasons. It was the only way of getting away from town during the weekend and fishing was the best on the coast. In general, most of these boats were fairly small. However many of the boats were retired fishing boats such as double enders and they could be very good looking and comfortable. The boat owners relied heavily on their friends working in the mill's maintenance shops. There were no machine shops or other repair shops in Ocean Falls. People had to rely on "moonlighting" work in the in the mill's maintenance shops. Many of the private boats in the harbour had for this reason fine stainless steel instrumentation panels since the mill used a lot of stainless steel. However, the company was well aware of this extra taking place and realized it was a part of living in Ocean Falls. Crown Zellerbach company had a good size modern cabin cruiser which was mainly used for client entertainment. These clients were certainly pretty spoiled. They would be flying to Ocean Falls in a float plane and land some distance from town. The company boat would then meet the float plane with the company boat. A lunch consisting of fresh Oesters collected locally and Champagne would round out the day before these people again steamed towards Ocean Falls.  

The long building in the center close to the water is the building which was called the bunkhouse. It was quite primitive and used to house single men working at the mill. However, in it's later years it was not used for living quarters but served as a building housing various club activities. For example, the Ocean Falls camera club had a well equipped darkroom facility in this building with the latest and best equipment. All the photographs included in these web pages were developed and printed in that facility. 

Behind the bunkhouse are some of the Ocean Falls duplexes. These duplexes were quite popular and they were not readily available. They were roomy and cozy with a front seat to the harbour view. People in Ocean Falls were often on the move. As people left town, and their houses or apartments became available , a chain reaction would start. Several persons or families would step up one level in their housing comfort and space. However, moving house in Ocean Falls was not a big deal. Often, the distance of the move was so short that you could carry your belongings and furniture to your new place with the help of a few friends. This would cost you perhaps a case of beer but nothing else.

To the right in the photograph there is an empty space on the mountain side. A most serious mudslide in 1965 tragically demolished several buildings and caused the death of 7 people. One of my friends and colleagues in the Engineering department was killed including his family. It was a tragic and large disaster for a small town such as Ocean Falls. It took a long time before people could escape the memories of the slide. In my mind, the town  never really became the same again after the slide.There was often some hidden fear that perhaps such a slide could happen again. Mountain mudslides were not uncommon in the Ocean Falls area. However, never before 1965 had a slide run through town It was not unusual to hear the rumbling sounds of large mountain slides during the heavy rain season. However, fortunately,they always occurred away from town. It is easy to spot two large slide areas on the side of the mountain in the background of the photograph.