This picture was taken from a window in the Martin Inn hotel in April of 1968, the day I left Ocean Falls. Below and in the front of the picture is the hospital and the medical clinic. A couple of fishing boats are tied up at the dock and in the background lies a large self-dumping log barge. There was a bit of grass in the front of the medical clinic and it was a very popular meeting place on warm,sunny days. Women with children in strollers would often sit in this area and exchange the latest Ocean Falls news and gossip.  A dock area can be noticed in front of the long bunk house. This was where all the float planes would come in and tie up for a while. There was an airplane ramp for amphibious airplanes at Martin Valley. However, most of the float planes were not equipped with wheels. Nobody can forget the sound of float planes taking off from the harbour. There were usually numerous flights every day and the sound of float plane engines were as common as the sound of fire engines in a large city. 

Quite often there would be fishing boats tied up at the dock during the weekend. Most of the time they were skippered by First Nations people from Bella Coola, Bella Bella or perhaps Namu. Often, the fishermen still had a catch on board and it was usually easy to buy a salmon. There was no weighing of fish involved. Quite often the fisherman would sell his salmon for $2 a fish, disregarding size. Since salmon caught in the Ocean Falls coastal areas easily could exceed 20 pounds, the price was right.