Martin Inn,Mount Baldy,Hospital,Mountain Slide,R.C.M.P. Boat,Martin Valley." />

Town site Photographs

Ocean Falls Aerial View. (By Google)


Beautiful photo by Oscar Sotebier

Martin Inn and Town site

Mount Baldy with "Martin Inn" and the Town site office in front.

High view of Town site

Wooden roads and a view of the long bridge to the left leading to the mill site.

Duplexes and harbour

The old bunkhouse and the track of the tragic mudslide of 1965 to the right.


A most typical Ocean Falls day, Wet, wet, wet. The medical clinic and hospital in the foreground

Hospital and medical clinic

Ocean Falls hospital and clinic. Dr. McDaniels and Dr. Wahl's names on the sign at the door.

Post office
R.C.M.P building and Post office. Notice steam line along road which heated the houses.

Ocean Falls RCMP attachment boat

RCMP boat at dock. Marine shop in front of "Willows Apartments".


Martin Valley Road Bridge

Ocean Falls Inlet

In beautiful weather, Ocean Falls is magnificent

BC Airline Ramp with a parked Mallard

"B.C. Airlines" Mallard amphibian on ramp at Martin Valley. No roads into or out of Ocean Falls.

Northland Prince arriving

The link to the outside world "Northland Prince" arriving. The ship came twice a week.
Johnston Terminal dock

      The "Johnston Terminal" dock where the "Northland Prince" ship tied up while in town.

Martin Inn with the women's dormitory behind

Nightime in Ocean Falls

A very nice evening picture showing the many cozy houses in Ocean Falls.

View when leaving Ocean Falls. Martin Valley to the right
Early morning at the Jenny Bay dock


A scan of an old postcard. Date unknown